Peak Roots iQX Series Vertical Farming

Crop-Steering Horticulture Devices

  • Remote Power
  • Driverless LED Lumiaires
  • Smart Drops
  • Sensors
  • Lighting Controls
  • Controller
Peak Roots™ iQX Smart Drops™ 3K6C
iQX Smart Drops™ can be paired with horticulture devices for cloud-based controls, including 250v remote power, driverless LED luminaires, climate sensors, and more.
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Peak Roots™ iQX M-Series 50W Driverless LED Luminaires
Peak Roots™ iQX M-SERIES 50W high-performance driverless LED luminaires run off multiple remote power supply sources. Unlimited design options.
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Peak Roots™ iQX Remote Power 3KW/POE
Peak Roots™ iQX Remote Power 3KW/POE ultra-efficient high power output, is the perfect solution for scaling your power for your indoor farm. It is fully populated with POE and can easily be paired with Smart Drops for easy plug-and-play lighting solutions.
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250V Remote Power Server Rack Assembly W/ Integrated POE Data Switching
Peak Roots can custom build a 250v power server rack assembly with POE data switching with multiple power options depending on needs and availability. Maximum efficient use of wattage and amps per square feet and 25-30 times less heat in the grow room by removing the power source from the racks. Our 250v and POE systems are extremely reliable power sources and built to be dependable work horses.
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Peak Roots™ iQX Climate Combo Sensor
Monitor temperature, humidity and Co2 with Peak Roots iQX Climate Combo Sensors. Easily plugs into I2C port on Smart Drops locations near the grow area.
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