All Your Crop-Steering Devices In One Spot

Connect all your indoor farming horticulture devices to a SINGLE CLOUD DASHBOARD with our patent pending iQX Smart Drops™

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Pair Your Grow Devices with iQX Smart Drops™

Crop-steering is a cutting-edge plant growth management practice that strategically adjusts the environment (light, climate, irrigation) to steer plants to grow in specific patterns and is the most crucial agricultural tactic farmers can use to manipulate yields, crop quality and produce a better taste.

iQX Cloud Controls

Optimize your cultivation with Peak Roots™ crop-steering recipes and advanced monitoring iQX Cloud Controls.   

iQX Driverless LED Luminaires

Peak Roots™ iQX M-Series frameless and driverless LED luminaires have a modular design that can be configured in multiple wattage and design layouts.  iQX Smart Drops™ 0-1000 dimming controls provide precision micromole dosages at any stage of plant growth.

 (2) Examples of 800w & 1000w 4' x 8' Trays

 Both layouts move the center hot spots to the edges for EVEN light distribution.

Centralized Remote Power

Several remote power options can be paired with iQX Smart Drops™. Remotely located, all the power sources' heat is eliminated from the canopy area and grow room, thus reducing the total HVAC, dehumidifying, and infrastructure requirements.

Add Crop-Steering Grow Devices 

Use iQX Smart Drops™ to pair additional grow devices for data insights and control, from environmental sensors to interfacing with fertigation pumps and HVAC/ dehumidification equipment. 

About Peak Roots

Helping people and farms grow more nutrient-rich healthy foods using indoor farming is a passion for us at Peak Roots.  We aim to help indoor farmers of all crops lower their total project and operating costs without sacrificing performance and yields and steer their crops to success!   

Our team’s history includes installing over 200,000 square feet of indoor vertical canopy space inside three and four-tier flower racks designed for indoor vertical farming at scale.  In addition, we have developed a series of high-efficiency remote-powered lighting solutions, digital controllers, and IoT software. The research behind high-efficiency lighting and the importance of reliability at scale for indoor vertical farming was crucial to the evolution of the end-to-end business and crop steering concept thinking that spawned Peak Roots. 

Grow with Confidence

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